Predict: Near Rigorous Model

Virtual sensor technology for distillation columns

A digital twin for on-line property prediction

Build a high-fidelity simulation of your distillation column and run it on-line.


Predict critical properties in realtime.


Save on the cost of an expensive on-line analyzer and stop waiting for lab results.


Use a state-of-the-art browser-based application interface to build and maintain the virtual sensors.

Embed NRM in any existing APC application, from Honeywell Profit Sensor Pro, AspenTech AspenIQ, and Shell PACE.

No additional software or hardware is required.

Replace online analyzers

Replace online analyzers with NRM:

  • No maintenance cost

  • Easy to implement

  • Better dynamic performances

NRM has the same accuracy of on-line analyzers but with no delay.

No need to wait hours for laboratory values.

Real-time results

No delay in getting results

Same accuracy of the on-line analyzer.

NRM for Main Fractionators

Online prediction of distillation properties of multistream columns​.

Distillation curve and cold properties

  • Predict the most common qualities:

  • ASTM distillation points

  • flashpoint

  • freezing point

  • cloud point

Available for:

  • Crude distillation Units

  • FCC main fractionator

  • Vacuum units 

  • Hydrocracking fractionators

and other multistream distillation units

Accurate in a wide operating range

Kero 95 and Kero flash point NRM versus lab

Not only product qualities

Calculate online also column parameters such as:

  • liquid and vapor flow

  • flooding percentage

  • dew point


Predict column parameters

Kero 95 and Kero flash point NRM versus lab

Accurate dynamic prediction of internal flows

Online feed quality detection

Accurate prediction of feed type

Characterize feed quality

Characterize the feed quality with the same accuracy of an on-line density meter.

Use this information to improve feed switching performances.

NRM for Light End Columns

Accurately predict product composition, even at high purity for two-products distillation columns.

Product composition

Predict product composition for two-products columns, such as:

  • Naphtha Stabilizer

  • Naphtha Splitter

  • LPG Splitter

  • Depentanizer

  • Debutanizer

  • Benzene / Toluene splitter

  • Toluene / Xylene splitter

and many others.

Accurate at high purities

Comparison between lab and NRM for C3 content in the bottom stream of LPG splitter


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