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Optimize: Model Predictive Control

Run your plant on the optimum operating conditions.

Embed the experience of your operators in the control system.

Model Predictive Control

Run the plant close to the limits using a dynamic model of the unit.

Integrate with real-time optimization strategies.

Essential for the digital transformation of your operations.


Dynamic model of the process

Predict the future values of the process parameters based on a dynamic model.

Capture the knowledge of your operators into the model of the unit.

Push the unit on the economic optimum

Minimize operating costs every minute.

Constantly push the unit on its most profitable constraints.

Operate the unit as the best operator.

push constraints.png


Multivariable Predictive Control applications working worldwide

Use reliable industry-proven technologies

Our engineers have implemented multivariable predictive control solutions with the most adopted technologies.​

MPC is a mature technology implemented in many different sectors, from Oil&Gas to Metals&Mining.

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