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What is advanced process control?

This short video explains what APC is and how it is that is widely adopted in the process industry to maximize plant efficiency.

Advanced Process Control (APC) is a technology that has been widely adopted in the process industry to improve efficiency of operations.

APC generates significant benefits by minimizing energy, maximizing yields, and throughput.

APC is generating millions of USD per year in many refineries, petrochemical, and other plants worldwide.

This short video explains also to the non-technical what is APC and how it can generate benefits.

APC is a mature technology and it has been widely applied in many industries like oil&gas, petrochemical, and polymers.

APC is essential for the succesful implementation of digital operation strategies.

Digitalization is rapidly changing the way plants are operated.

Nowadays operations need to respond rapidly to change in market demands and economic scenarios. This requires a rapid response from operations.

APC is essential for rapid and safe implementation of these changing targets, always minimizing costs, maximizing benefits, and keeping the plant in the safest operating window.


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